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Radio is the most consumed media channel in the U.S. More than TV, print and online! Radio has earned the bragging rights of being named "America's #1 Reach Medium," at a whopping 94%. That's 247 million weekly listeners.

Radio's dominance doesn't stop there. It also reaches the most affluent audience of any media. In fact, 93% of radio's listeners are considered upscale.

Radio is radically evolving!

New audio sources are multiplying across the radio landscape, giving consumers more choice than ever before. From local broadcast and network radio to satellite, streaming, podcasts and more, Galaxy Gospel Radio's media team has the expertise and technological resources to help our clients harness the unique power of every audio source. You gain exclusive access to coveted media.

How do I get started?

Let’s discuss what will work for your business. Call our business line at 832-240-8630 or click on the signup link below to get your business advertisement campiagn started today!

After you’ve completed the payment process, email you script to: [email protected]

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Galaxy Gospel Radio will review all submitted Audio material prior to airing it. We will do everything possible to insure that each ministry submission is maintained by a Christian individual or organization as defined by these articles of faith.

Our Mission

To enlarge the Kingdom of God through Inspirational Biblical Teaching, Local Outreach Ministry and Christ Centered Christian Music from some of the most Anoited Artist in the Christian Music Industry today.

Our History

Galaxy Gospel officially signed on the air as an internet-only radio station on August 2, 2017 with its studio based in Cypress, TX.

Galaxy Gospel Radio is committed to global programming that gives listeners an alternative to other radio stations. Our programs are family-friendly for every generation.


The Audio, Videos, and all other Media Materials aired on this broadcast station, does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the management of Rhema Word Broadcasting, Galaxy Gospel Radio, it's affiliates, and/or the staff of these entities. Please direct all correspondence to the appropriate company’s website and/or business address.

Galaxy Gospel Radio is a for Profit Organization. Broadcast fees paid to Galaxy Gospel Radio are considered as gifts toward the enrichment of the Kingdom of God. No refunds will be given...